Wild Orchid Beach Resort Subic Bay

Wild Orchid Beach Resort Subic Bay

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

An ephemeral experience in an ethereal paradise

Do you want to escape stress even for a short while?

Do you wish to be in a fetching place, and simply relax your mind and body?

You should go to Wild Orchid Beach Resort in Subic Bay and you’ll definitely experience an ethereal paradise. Its amenities and services will not fail your holiday satisfaction. You can say that it’s definitely one of the leading beach resorts in Subic Bay. This review is dedicated to the resort’s beauty and effervescent staff.

We stayed there for just a short period of time, but the memories we had in the place were sempiternal. The hotel’s location was very good and the staff was approachable, and I’m glad they’re always around to attend our needs. We feel so comfortable during our stay, not only because of the relaxing environment but also because of the staff’s vivacious character.

You’ll definitely feel a peaceful ambiance once you enter the room. It is well-furnished, maintained, and big enough for us, and the air con also gives us a cozy feeling; it is cold enough for us and suits our needs. The shower was great and the hot water has been our savior because we’re so tired after traveling that we really need it to soothe our feelings. The scenery outside the room is also becoming.

The rooms were not surprisingly flawless and spotless and it was easy for us to feel at home. I made my reservation through their online site and I’m not disappointed with their service. The entire process was fast and you’ll definitely get a reply as soon as possible.

The benign staff made everything perfect for me; their warm welcome and friendly service made my heart flutter. They’re always responsive to our queries, and I’m also amazed that some of them were incisive individuals that could keep a conversation and deliver knowledge to their customers. Our five nights at the resort was definitely worth it from beginning to end. Wild Orchid Beach Resort also gives us the opportunity to meet new people because we had a great conversation with different people staying at the resort, and we learn a lot of things from them.

We love all the staff from the housekeeping team, bar team, front desk team and the kitchen team who make tasty food. The kids really enjoy the resort’s huge swimming pool that is also crystal clear. My partner and I had a great time while soaking in the Jacuzzi. The garden also has a fresh aroma that I really like and has a mellifluous sound that’s calming to the spirit.

But just like any other fairytales, our story in this paradise has an ending. We don’t actually want to leave, but we have to face reality and go home. We miss the food, the drinks at the bar, the pool, and everything in Wild Orchid Beach Resort. It is such a grand place, and we don’t regret going there even if it’s far away from home. Everything happened there is ineffable and left a whimsical mark in our hearts.

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