Wild Orchid Beach Resort Subic Bay

Wild Orchid Beach Resort Subic Bay

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Wild Orchid Resort Subic: Your Gateway to Exciting Subic Bay

Whether you kick-off from Manila or Angeles City, Subic Bay is within reach in a few hours’ drive through relaxing and invigorating countryside scenery. For many, traversing SCTEX, one of the most modern and well-designed expressways in the country, is like cruising a California interstate highway. No, in fact, it is even a more verdant and pastoral landscape because we all know the Philippine archipelago is located in the tropics and is constantly blessed with tons of rains when needed and year-long sunshine that nourish and preserve the predominantly agricultural areas around the scattered urban centers in more than 7,100 islands.

Wild Orchid Resort Subic is one destination strategically located beside Subic Bay, the former naval station of the US Seventh Fleet. Today, Subic Bay Freeport has become a bustling industrial commercial complex which houses many foreign and local manufacturing entities and service-based enterprises. With such a wide variety of nationalities and cultures represented in a town-sized industrial complex, an equally diverse selection of recreational facilities and activities are available for the thousands of its yearly visitors, not to mention the Subic residents themselves.

Wild Orchid Travel can prepare day-tours and package vacation trips of one’s choice of adventure, such as water sports or nature trekking. Here’s a list of some of the most popular spots in Subic guests of Wold Orchid Resort Subic can relish at their leisure while they spend a week or a weekend in Subic Bay:

•          Water Sport Activities include the following:
•          Jet Ski
•          Banana Boating
•          Scuba Diving
•          Snorkelling
•          Parasailing
•          Subic Bay Ocean Adventure

World-famous Ocean Adventure is a nautical sanctuary which showcases sea mammals, dolphins, killer-whales and sea lions. You’ve seen them on TV or movies; it’s time to swim along with them and touch them in the flesh at Subic Bay.

•          Treetops Adventure

From a height of 100 feet above the ground, see a different perspective of nature. You can walk among the rainforest’s highest branches through 4 suspension bridges and ride 9 motorized cable rides of up to 220 meters long.

•          Zoobic Safari

Subic Bay Freeport's Forest Adventure Park houses a zoo within a 25-hectare area containing an amazing collection of various exotic animals roaming and frolicking in their natural habitat. One can take a ride and practically come face-to-face with tigers strolling in their natural domain while you sit safely behind steel bars in a jeep.

•          Shipwrecks

Diving down can provide rare adventure as you mingle with rare marine life and explore relics of history that date back to the Spanish and American periods. (Wrecks include Oryoko Maru. Seian Maru, USS New York, USS Rochester, and LCV Landing Craft and LST vessel).

•          JEST (Jungle Environmental Survival Training) Camp and Butterfly Garden

Experience and learn jungle survival techniques from Aetas trained by former US Navy and US Marines stationed in Subic and also visit the Mini Zoo and discover Subic's biodiversity such as colorful butterflies at the Butterfly Kingdom.

•          Grande Island

A popular resort destination because of its island setting in the middle of Subic Bay with its enjoyable scenic ride to and from the island on board a powered banca.

•          Pamulaklakin Forest Trails/Pastolan Aeta Village

Join the Ecology Tour and Trek within the tropical forests of Subic with a native guide. Immerse yourself in the culture of the Aetas and discover the various types of medicinal plants they have used for millennia. Camp-out in the middle of the forest or enjoy a refreshing picnic with nature in the deepest parts of the jungle.

Hidden in the corners of the Philippines’ bountiful countrysides are sights and adventures awaiting everyone. Wild Orchid Resort Subic is the gateway to that adventure waiting for everyone.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Wild Orchid Resort Subic: Diversions in Diversity

Whether one’s idea of vacationing is merely lazing on a pool under the sun and feeling the wind and water caress your body, playing rounds of billiards with friends or merely listening to your favorite music in a bar, there is a place where such diversity can be had to one’s complete satisfaction. Wild Orchid Resort Subic offers these and other various amenities for the wandering soul as well as for the enterprising individual.

Located right beside the generally calm, blue bay of Subic, Wild Orchid Resort is the perfect solution for family and official events, such as out-of-town conferences, workshops, wedding parties and other social occasions. With a capacity of 100 persons, the Wild Orchid Conference Room provides full-service catering and comfortable amenities and facilities for various indoor group events. The real fun for most people is that after all the serious or ritual activities are done, there is the beautiful outdoor scenery and recreational facilities to provide diversion from the tiresome working and socializing.

It is ironic that a resort as exotic as Wild Orchid, not just in name but in ambience and essence as well, caters to formal events whereas we all know that most people daydream of spending more time dipping in the pool or snorkeling instead of being inside the conference room. But the realities of life require us all to have a balanced life and a healthy outlook. Hence, the variety of facilities and activities a resort can provide determines its value and strength compared with others.

So what does Wild Orchid have to offer aside from its world-class conference room facilities and services? What other indoor activities does it offer?

There is Fishbone Café, for one, which offers early morning perking-up for the sleepy sojourner. It also provides a la carte dining for a group of 30 people. You need Wi-Fi? It is yours free at Fishbone Café. People look for it everywhere they go to keep in touch.

Moby Dicks Mermaid Tavern offers billiard players a chance to use their skills at knocking down balls. It is a serious game for aficionados, admittedly; but it has also become a great recreation for fun-loving people, including the younger generation. It has become a game families can engage in publicly without being looked down upon as it used to be so in the past. With modern, sleek billiard tables available inside well designed pool rooms, players will have the chance to either feel at ease or as if they are competing in a real pool competition.

Of course, if condos nowadays have gyms, a resort also has its in-house gym for those who cannot miss their regular muscle-pumping regimen. Trained professional coaches are on hand to assist guests and to assure their safety and a beneficial workout.

These and more can be yours at this easily reachable place by the serene waters of Subic Bay. Yes, you may have them somewhere else; but you can hardly find a more congenial and memorable place to do these activities. Wild Orchid Resort Subic has these waiting for you and packaged in an environment not so tiring for the body, soul and mind to reach.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Wild Orchid Subic: Rediscovering the Exciting Tropical Life

Subic is popularly known for its many diverse attractions – from quiet, restful beaches to educational treks through luscious jungles to exciting adventures with wild animals and sea life to cultural events featuring the local Aeta residents and to unending nightly entertainment in many resorts, bars and restaurants that dot this once-bustling US Naval Station, including its neighboring Olongapo City and other Zambales towns. Visiting Subic, which is reachable within a few hours from Manila, is fast becoming a trend among families and yuppies who find the need to unwind or to attend official events often held in the town. The town has transformed itself into a friendly destination for corporate events, family occasions and weekend trips for people of all walks of life from as far as northern Luzon to the Visayas and Mindanao, not to mention foreign tourists and Filipinos returning from overseas.

Aside from its historical value as the original Spanish naval station for its strategic location and natural configuration, Subic provides a broad range of facilities and amenities for formal and informal events, such as workshops, seminars and various social functions. Hotels and resorts have grown in number within the last two decades as the influx of investments in the area continued to grow modestly after the Mt. Pinatubo eruption in 1991. With recent improvements of the expressway road-network system connecting Zambales to Manila, Pampanga, Tarlac and Pangasinan, this growth will gain even more strength especially with sustained improvement of the country’s economy.

One of the most popular and often-visited resorts in Subic Bay is the Wild Orchid Subic Resort in Baloy Beach. One can choose to dine at the Scallawags Restaurant and Bar with its inviting Wild Orchid pool surrounding it where one can enjoy the night away with drinks on a private table by the pool. The restaurant and bar are open 24 hours and serve cold beer, fresh seafood, and sizzling steak straight from the grill and simple fares such as sandwiches, pasta and salad.

For a more cosmopolitan choice, one can go to Captain Rob’s Steakhouse and Barefoot Bar located by the beach. One can find here the Baloy Beach Yacht Club with its marvelous view of the sunset over the Western Philippine Sea. Mouth-watering barbecue can be ordered, as well as imported Australian steaks and sausages, including salads. Live music is available at this restaurant. For those who want to keep abreast with their favourite sports, wide HD TV’s broadcast via satellite and cable media. A refreshing feature is an open tropical garden where families and friends can relax. The place is definitely a good choice for outdoor functions and garden weddings.

Wild Orchid Beach Resort offers visitors one of the best and largest pools in town, including Jacuzzis and swim-up bar for complete relaxation and recreation needs. It is also set in a lush tropical garden setting to complete one’s escape from the stressful city or workplace, even for a fleeting moment that is.

But one cannot go back to the city without the invigorating memories of visiting a paradise-like place like Wild Orchid Subic Resort. Knowing that it is there and open for all visitors from far and near gives enough assurance for the tired body and soul to re-experience and rediscover the exciting tropical life that waits there.